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Happily Ever After
Who believes in such a thing?
Probably in a different world, With a different sky, A different Galaxy.
-Jenny (me)
→ Anonymous whispered : Pick the best hairstyle for every member of exo and rank it with no. 1 being the hairstyle you like the most. Pictures are a must hehe!


OK—after 22 days (SOB!) I have finally finished my intensive research and ranking of EXO hairstyles. I hope this doesn’t disappoint!

1. Kyungsoo’s black MAMA swirl. I especially like how his dark hair contrasts with his fair skin. Also, shaved Soo sides are URGH YES EVERY DAMN TIME.

2. Sehun’s late 2013 awards hair, shaved sides with dark roots. I like this because it had contrast due to the roots and it was a pretty classic style, but it also had some funky silvery pink color that made it seem very “sehun.”

3. Suho’s platinum blond no roots sideswept look. With one hairstyle Suho went from mommy to daddy.

4. Xiumin’s recent anime hair. This photo is so 2014 slay-everybody-and-everything Xiumin.

5. Kai’s suburban-mom-I’d-like-to-scissor blond hair with lifted roots. Seriously, dark haired Jongin is a total sex god, but blond Jongin looks all innocent and wide-eyed. SO PRETTY I WANT.

6. Chen’s Wolf hair. Honestly, he was the rare member of EXO who seemed pretty dignified during the era of puff sleeves, Kairows, and super fierce clawing. This hairstyle helped.

7. Baekhyun’s gorgeous blond twink style (paired with the neck gems, obviously). urgh I just want to pull on it.

8. Chanyeol’s adorable elf ponytail. This style just seems so Chanyeol to me—it’s a reminder of a more innocent, happier era.

9. Tao’s blond SWAT team leader style. Interestingly, this hairstyle seems to best reflect his sweet, soft personality.

10. Luhan’s fairly rare handsome style. Gotta say, for something ridiculously hot, SM has saddled Luhan with some truly terrible hair over the years. Here’s a rare A+ but fairly standard style.

11. Kris’s ponytail. There are many versions of the Kristail, but I like the messy-with-roots-while-holding-his-new-son look.

12. Lay’s handsome with bangs. Lay hasn’t had many wild hair shifts with the exception of the ill-conceived Wolf Julius Caesar. This style isn’t particularly shocking, but it’s always really gorgeous on Lay.