Catching Galaxies
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Happily Ever After
Who believes in such a thing?
Probably in a different world, With a different sky, A different Galaxy.
-Jenny (me)


the infamous sm basementimage



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ARTIST: Red Velvet
TRACK: 행복(Happiness)
PLAYS: 18,236

Red Velvet - Happiness


Imagine $uho at the checkout line for groceries when Taeyeon appears on the conveyor and he immediately tells Baekhyun to put her back.

My Bias

Teacher: Okay class, Today we will be learning about Korea.
Me: My boyfriend lives in South Korea.
Teacher: That's interesting, so you met him when you went to Korea?
Me: I've never been to Korea.
Teacher: Oh, then you met him online?
Me: No.
Teacher: did you meet him?
Me: I haven't.
Me: *smiles*


Soooooo I’m 100% sure that Yifan is aging in reverse.

Like I’m looking at these pictures and he looks like a child. A little fucking kid in these pictures.

Like he looks young as fuck in these pics with the cast. It’s so clear that he’s the youngest out of the group.

Jesus Yifan you can’t be this attractive. It’s unfair T~T

ALBUM: Exo-k Do Kyungsoo
TRACK: Do kyungsoo English appreciation (updated ver)
PLAYS: 1,073


D.O. English Appreciation Post Updated ver (Jan 20, 2013) 

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(Pls do not reupload on Tumblr. Credit back to doitlikethis123

“I’m fine thank you and You?”, TVXQ “Keep your Head down”- Arirang Radio 120504

“Billionaire” - Kiss the Radio 120507

“Bubble Pop” - SSTP 120621

“What is Love”, “My Humps” - KTR Open concert 120616

“I love London!” MBC London 120623

“DJ got us falling in love” - SMTown with TTS 120609

“Two Moons” - Yeosu Expo 120712

“Good Morning Pops” - Lee Geun Cheol’s Good Morning Pops logo song 120801

"Missing you"- SM Town Seoul 120818

"Open arms"- DKFC in Manila 130119

"Samsung AITV"- PC ad

“I’m Me” D.O beatbox and “I’m the ish” - Yeosu Expo 120713

“My Lady” - Exo Teaser 1